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How to create a new page.

How to create a new page will be explained below.

1. Along the top of the page, you'll see "Dashboard", a search box, then "Sign Out". Mouse over the "Dashboard" tab, locate the "Sitemap" header and click "Full Sitemap". 

A new window will appear with the header labeled "Sitemap". From here, every page on the website is accessable.

2. Navigate to which section you'd like this new page to be under (for example, if you wanted to create a new page under "The Episcopal Church", you'd nativate through "About Us", click on "The Episcopal Church" and click "Add Page" near the bottom).

3. Once you find the area you'd like to create this new page and have clicked on it, then "Add page", a new window will appear first asking which page type you'd like to use. Click "Default Page".

4. After selecting "Default Page", a new window will appear asking for some basic information about the page. The two boxes you should fill out are the "Name" and the Description.

5. Click the "Add Page" button to finish (NOTE: It may take some time).

Below is a brief tutorial on how to add content to the page.

1. If you are signed in and on the page you'd like to edit, in the upper left there will be an "Edit" button. Mouse over this button and click the blue "Edit this Page" button. 

2. After you click "Edit this Page", the page will change noticeably. In order to fill in the body, click the grey-dotted box with the words "Add to Main" inside, and click "Add Block".

3. A new window will appear asking for what Block Type you'd like to choose. Scroll through the list and click the one titled "Content+".

4. A new window will pop up, and this is where you add the content you'd like to be on the page. Simply click in the body and type to add text, and to add images or files that have been uploaded onto the site, there are two buttons that allow you to do so. 

5. When you are finished adding content, click the blue button labeled "Add".

6. Mouse over the green "Editing" button in the upper left and click "Publish Edits" when you are finished.


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