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Bishop Waynick's Confirmation Checklist


For Clergy and Congregations Hosting Confirmations

   Here are some guidelines from the Bishop.

Confirmation Checklist

Suggestions for Presenting clergy:
  1. Begin preparation for Confirmation early.  September is not too soon!!  Personally invite long time members to be sponsors and to attend classes with them.  Give them a copy of the BCP now, so they can use it and begin to become familiar with it.
  2. Include those preparing for Confirmation, Reception, Reaffirmation by name in the prayers of the people each week.  Issue the invitation to all members of the parish to take part in the shared celebration.  Consider using both voice and print announcements….
  3. Send your lists of those to be Confirmed, Received, or Reaffirmed to the Rector or Vicar of the hosting congregation at least a week before the celebration.  If you want my office to print certificates with your candidate’s names on them you must also send the complete list to Sally Cassidy at least two weeks before the celebration.  NOTE:  if you are bringing candidates to a celebration other than your deanery event you must contact the host parish directly about that, and provide them with the list mentioned above.
  4. Alert your candidates to the need to arrive at least 60 minutes before the start of the liturgy.
  5. Provide detailed directions to the hosting parish along with information about parking.
  6. Be in touch with last year’s confirmands and invite them to participate in this year’s celebration – and perhaps to help in some way with the reception following the liturgy.
  7. Bring your record book to be signed.
  8. Plan to honor your newly Confirmed in the Sunday liturgy following their confirmation/rec/reaff/.  Include them in the thanksgivings of the prayers of the people. Have a special coffee hour. Present them with a gift from the parish.

Suggestions for Hosting congregation:
  1. Provide to the clergy of your deanery detailed directions to your church along with information about parking. They will need this information at least two weeks in advance.
  2. Candidates will be arriving 45 minutes before the liturgy. Please provide a place for them to gather with their sponsors to prepare for the liturgy. The bishop will meet with them during that time.
  3. Provide nametags for candidates to use.  “C” for confirmation, “R” for reception and “RF” for reaffirmation.  They only need their first names – no nicknames please. Have these ready as soon as they arrive.
  4. Provide a chart for seating for the candidates and sponsors. During the gathering time we will go over the method of presentation.  I prefer that candidates be presented parish by parish, each person being named with their full names.
  5. If the candidates will be in the procession, provide copies of the gathering hymn for them to use.
  6. One or more of the newly Confirmed or Received should bring the oblations forward at the offertory.  Please consider inviting sponsors to read lessons and lead the prayers of the people….and consider having sponsors from other parishes participate as well.
  7. Provide for a reception following the liturgy.  It need not be a meal – just enough to be celebratory and prevent people from leaving hungry.  Please consider having last year’s confirmands help with this – along with last year’s confirmands from other parishes.
  8. If you wish to have a deacon assigned to assist in this liturgy, please contact Archdeacon Goshorn.  And please remember – “deacon” does not equal “bishop’s chaplin!”
  9. I would appreciate having a place to sit during the reception for the signing of books and other things :-)
Thanks so much for all your work on these celebrations…..


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