The Importance of Archives

The preservation and the use of archives and records is an often neglected but nevertheless extremely important task in the local church. We have been handed a sacred trust from over the ages. We would not have known the words of the bible, or for that matter, even known how to read had not millions of people before us taken the time and effort to write down the thoughts and actions taken from countless gatherings as well as individual activities. Everyone on the Fellowship of the Christian Church is obligated to carry on this tradition so that His Word may continue to grow and prosper.

The church's past helps it understand itself now. Our stance on various issues with follow-up actions taken and our willingness or lack of willingness to adopt new procedures and programs are all rooted in its history. This is an essential matter for every generation, but especially so in these years with the turmoil of the world having pervaded so many lives. A knowledge of our past may help us avoid the mistakes of future years.

Every Church has a responsibility to keep and preserve the parish registers containing baptism, marriage, burial, and services. These registers have a high value for genealogists and family historians, recording important events which have religious significance both for the persons involved, and for the congregation. Even brief entries in registers identify high points in family life, the importance of which increases rather than diminishes with the passage of time.

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