Parish Archives


All Parishes, missions, and ministries should appoint an archivist to preserve their own records generated from their activities. For otherwise, we cannot profit from our heritage of successes or mistakes of our predecessors. Then, if only no more than as an expression of gratitude, we have an obligation to supply the future with the same courtesy by supplying an information base equivalent to or surpassing that on which we have built.

Archives must be maintained in each parish for safely and securely keeping all documents pertaining to the origin and history of the parish, mandates and pastorals of the bishop, registers for an accurate record of baptisms, confirmations, marriages and deaths, and of the spiritual condition of souls visited in the parish as well as the books pertaining to the administration of the finances of the parish, with detailed inventory of all church property. Civil law usually considers parish registers as authentic public records.

There is no fee for Diocesan supported organizations. There are currently no structured fees for other individuals, though fee schedules for others are being considered at this time.


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