History & Archives

Archives—a place to review historic documents and remnants of our past as we move into the future.

So, What's an Archive?

Briefly describes what an archive is.

The Importance of Archives

Briefly describes why archives are important.

What's in the Diocesan Archives?

Gives a list of what is in the archives.

Bishops of the Diocese of Indianapolis from 1838 to the Present

Provides a slideshow of the past bishops, and some of their resting places.

The Right Rev. Joseph Marshall Francis

Describes the life of Rev. Joseph Marshall Francis, and gives some insight to the times that he lived.

Public Access Policy

Describes the policy behind access to the archives.

Collection and Gifts

Lists the collection and gifts received from various sources.

Parish Archives

Briefly describes how each Parish should have an archive, and the condition it should be in.

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