Diocesan Executive Council Holds First Meeting With Bishop

Members of diocesan Executive Council arrived at Waycross June 17 with excitement, anticipation, and bags of canned goods for a local food pantry as they held their first meeting with Bishop Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows. Bishop Jennifer asked members of the council to help shape the agenda for the meeting, offering a statement called “The Work Set Forth” as a framework for balancing time, money, direction, and ways the council can be supportive in their work diocesan-wide.

She followed that initiative by leading an enthusiastic discussion around the three points on a triangle grounded in Benedictine spirituality. Those included

  • Stability, a life of prayer, worship, and relationship with God and others;
  • Obedience, listening to God and one another, observing what’s out there in the world and what God may be saying to us; and
  • Conversion, ongoing transformation around how God is informing us, possibly leading us to new and life-giving spaces.

This time of visioning generated a long list of ideas and direction to consider as the council moves forward, looking at two questions in particular. “What is it that we think we need to be doing?” and “How do we organize to do that?” In addition to their organizational and visioning time, Executive Council:

In addition to their organizational and visioning time, Executive Council:

The next meeting of Executive Council is September 18 at Waycross. For a current list of Executive Council members, 2017-2019 MEMBERS OF EXECUTIVE COUNCIL UPDATED.