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Bishop The Right Reverend Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows

The Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows was elected 11th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis on the second ballot on Friday, October 28, at Christ Church Cathedral Indianapolis. The election culminated a nearly two-year discernment and search process by the diocese at the 179th Diocesan Convention. The Right Reverend Catherine M. Waynick plans to retire in the Spring of 2017.

She was consecrated as the 11th bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis on April 29, 2017. 

She is from New York, ordained by the Diocese of Central New York, and a graduate of Smith College, Cornell University, and the Church Divinity School of the Pacific. She has expertise in historic preservation and a passion for issues including gun violence, social justice, and racial and class reconciliation. She also maintains a strong focus in guiding others through the practice of spiritual direction.

One of the defining experiences of her ministry came when she found herself near the World Trade Center the morning of September 11, 2001. In the midst of a fearful situation, her own faith and the faith of others who sought shelter alongside her gave her a renewed perspective of faith vanquishing fear.

“The Episcopal Church is where I found my relationship with Jesus some 30 years ago, “she said. “It teaches me that the world is filled with incredible beauty and unspeakable pain and that God is deeply in the midst of it all loving us fiercely. So each day, nourished by the sacraments and stories of our faith, the beauty of our liturgical tradition, the wide embrace of this Christian community, I learn over and over again how to live without fear.”

The Rev. Baskerville-Burrows will be ordained and consecrated as Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis on Saturday, April 29, 2017, 11 a.m., at Clowes Hall at Butler University.

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Bishop The Right Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows

Kim Christopher – Administrative Assistant & Bookkeeper

1914920_188757710589_5828846_nKim serves as the diocesan bookkeeper and is responsible for accounts payables and receivables, medical billing, and tracking payments for all diocesan reimbursements and billing. She assists Canon Marsha in all financial functions of the diocese and also assists parishes with accounting issues. Kim oversees our registration system and serves are our Event Coordinator for all diocesan events including Diocesan Convention.

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Sally Cassidy – Bishop’s Administrative Assistant

Sally serves as the bishop’s administrative assistant, handling Bishop Cate’s correspondence, appointments, travel plans, and various technology needs. Filing, record keeping, and database management keep Sally busy. She coordinates and maintains records for those in the process for Holy Orders, as well as other clergy records and canonical residency status. She prepares and distributes annual licenses granted by the bishop. Sally serves as the clerk of Executive Council and supports the various program staff as time allows.

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John Vernon Oaks – Stewardship Officer

John supports congregations, clergy, and lay volunteers in matters of stewardship through annual campaigns, year around stewardship and use of the diocesan web page and publications. He also promotes planned giving for the diocese, congregations, cooperating ministries and institutions through the Society of the Magi. John represents the diocese at regional, national and international stewardship conferences. John also supports the rest of the diocesan staff in their ministries and pitches in wherever needed.

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Kathy Copas – Coordinator of Communication and Evangelism

copasKathy Copas’ ministry focuses on communication and evangelism, blending mission and message. She writes and edits the monthly e-zine, produces content for the diocesan website, social media, and various other e-tools and publications, assists parishes and diocesan ministries with their communication tools, produces videos/DVDs, and coordinates several other communication/media-related projects including “teching” Diocesan Convention.  She also assists parishes in claiming their identity and purpose, sharing their stories, talking about their faith and church, and attracting and engaging parish newcomers.  She oversees diocesan signage and advertising grants.  And, she leads training for ushers and greeters, evangelism and communication committees, and others engaged in community outreach.  She also is very involved in Indiana and US disaster relief and rebuilding efforts.

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Canon Marsha Gebuhr

GebuhrCanon Marsha Gebuhr is responsible for the day to day management functions of the Diocese. She administers all Benefits and Personnel programs as well as all Diocesan insurance programs and disseminates all relevant information to congregations, co-operating ministries and Diocesan institutions She supervises the diocesan support staff and works with the Personnel Policy and Compensation committee in reviewing and updating compensation guidelines, supplemental benefits and employee manuals.  She supports the finance committee during the budget development process and administers various portions of the budget and is responsible for the accounting/bookkeeping of Designated Funds which fall outside of the Diocesan Budget. She handles the church investments and distributions from the Diocesan Special Fund and produces monthly financial statements and check reconciliation, wire transfers and the posting of Trust Funds.  She assists parishes with accounting issues and files all annual required state and federal filings. She sets up annual audits for parishes and facilitates the annual diocesan audit and handles the diocesan payroll.

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The Rev. Canon Debra Kissinger – Canon for Transition Ministries and Leadership Development

kissinger The Rev. Canon Debra Kissinger supports congregations going through the search process and assists clergy and lay professionals looking for a new position as well as represents the diocese at regional and national transition ministry conferences. She offers and oversees clergy continuing education events and oversees the Diocesan Fresh Start program for new clergy and clergy new to their position. She serves as the staff contact for those in the priestly and diaconal ordination process and is staff liaison to the Commission on Ministry, Deacon Formation Program, Personnel, Policy & Compensation, Spiritual Life, Retired Clergy, and Safeguarding programs. She administers grants for: seminarians, deacons, clergy continuing education, lay leadership and congregational program development. She assists the bishop in executing background checks, Letters of Agreement, in cases of misconduct and other types of trauma or conflict that may impact a congregation or clergy person. Most Sundays Debra can be found in one of the many diocesan congregations in transition.

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The Rev Canon Bruce Gray – Canon to the Ordinary

Canon_Bruce_Gray-1-1Canon to the Ordinary, The Rev. Canon Bruce Gray works with clergy and vestries to help parishes thrive. At times this work includes helping with conflicted situations, as well as direct pastoral care with clergy. Bruce is working on strategic planning for different regions of the diocese by working with the local congregational leadership. He serves as the Staff Liaison to Mission Strategy, Standing Committee, Ministry in Higher Education, Waycross, and Christian Formation. Bruce offers regular events such as the Vestry College, Under One Roof, and the Ministry Swap Meet for the whole diocese as well as congregational education programs. He also supervises the planning and operation of our annual Diocesan Convention. Most Sundays Bruce is preaching in different congregations around the diocese. As Canon to the Ordinary, serves as chief of staff in the bishop’s absence.

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The Right Rev. Cate Waynick, Retired Bishop

The Right Rev. Catherine (Cate) Maples Waynick was elected Bishop Coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis in January of 1997. She was consecrated on June 7 of that year, and became the Diocesan Bishop on September 10, 1997, and served until her retirement on April 29, 2017, when The Right Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows was consecrated as the 11th bishop of the diocese.

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