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April 22, 2017: Celebrating Bishop Cate’s Ministry

April 22, 2017

The recorded webcast from St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Carmel Indiana of the celebration of 20 years of ministry with The Right Reverend Catherine Waynick.

Follow the Celebration Webcast with a Downloadable Worship Bulletin


The Right Reverend Catherine M. Waynick

The retiring Bishop speaks about life, her mission, and her people.

Images from the Celebration

Confirmation 2017 Schedule

The schedule for this year’s Confirmations has been released. 




Host Parish


1 p.m. (EDST) to meet Candidates

2 p.m. (EDST) Service

Southeast Region

St. Paul’s, Columbus


1 p.m. (EDST) to meet Candidates

2 p.m. (EDST) Service

Northwest Region

St. Stephen’s, Terre Haute


6 p.m. (EDST) to meet Candidates

7 p.m. (EDST) Service

Central Region

Christ Church Cathedral, Indy


10 a.m. (EDST) to meet Candidates

11 a.m. (EDST) Service

Northeast Region

Trinity, Anderson


10 a.m. (CDST) to meet Candidates

11 a.m. (CDST) Service

Southwest Region

St. Paul’s, Evansville


Presiding Bishop Michael Curry: Easter 2017

[Episcopal News Service] “Go forth to be people of the Resurrection,” Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael B. Curry said in his Easter 2017 message. “Follow in the way of Jesus. Don’t be ashamed to love. Don’t be ashamed to follow Jesus.”

The Festive day of Easter is Sunday, April 16.

[Video Link]

Easter 2017 Message

It’s taken me some years to realize it, but Jesus didn’t just happen to be in Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday. He wasn’t on vacation. He wasn’t just hanging out in town. Jesus was in Jerusalem on purpose. He arrived in Jerusalem about the time of the Passover when pilgrims were in the city. When people’s hopes and expectations for the dawn of freedom that Moses had promised in the first Passover might suddenly be realized for them in their time.

Jesus arranged his entrance into Jerusalem to send a message. He entered the city, having come in on one side of the city, the scholars tell us, at just about the same time that Pontius Pilate made his entrance on the exact opposite side of the city. Pilate, coming forth on a warhorse. Pilate, with soldiers around him. Pilate, with the insignias of Rome’s Empire. Pilate, representing the Caesars who claimed to be son of god. Pilate, who had conquered through Rome the people of Jerusalem. Pilate, representing the Empire that had taken away their freedom. Pilate, who represented the Empire that would maintain the colonial status of the Jewish people by brute force and violence.

 Jesus entered the city on the other side, not on a warhorse, but on a donkey, recalling the words of Zechariah:

Behold your King comes to you
Triumphant and victorious is He
Humble and riding on a donkey

Jesus entered the city at the same time as Pilate to show them, and to show us, that God has another way. That violence is not the way. That hatred is not the way. That brute force and brutality are not the way.

Jesus came to show us there is another way. The way of unselfish, sacrificial love. That’s why he entered Jerusalem. That’s why he went to the cross. It was the power of that love poured out from the throne of God, that even after the horror of the crucifixion would raise him from death to life.

 God came among us in the person of Jesus to start a movement. A movement to change the face of the earth. A movement to change us who dwell upon the earth. A movement to change the creation from the nightmare that is often made of it into the dream that God intends for it.

He didn’t just happen to be in Jerusalem on that Palm Sunday. He went to Jerusalem for a reason. To send a message. That not even the titanic powers of death can stop the love of God.  On that Easter morning, he rose from the dead, and proclaimed love wins.

 So you have a blessed Easter. Go forth to be people of the Resurrection. Follow in the way of Jesus. Don’t be ashamed to love. Don’t be ashamed to follow Jesus.

Have a blessed Easter.  And bless the world.  Amen.

The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry
Presiding Bishop and Primate
The Episcopal Church

Become a Part of the 2017-2018 Youth Steering Committee (YSC)

Applications are now being accepted to join the Youth Steering Committee (YSC) in the 2017-2018 school year. The YSC is comprised of youth and adults from across the Diocese of Indianapolis. We meet 10-12 times per year at various churches around the diocese to plan (and we also lead) the Youth Fall Conference and Youth Spring Retreat at Waycross. We also participate in other diocesan events (like Diocesan Convention), plan and participate in outreach and service projects, and engage in other formation and leadership development opportunities.

Youth must be in the second semester of the 8th grade in spring 2017 to be eligible to apply. Adults must be age 21 or older and have current Safeguarding God’s Children training. All YSC members must attend at least 50% of the meetings and at least one diocesan youth event.

Applications must be returned to Victoria Hoppes, Diocesan Coordinator of Ministries With and For Youth, by  May 31, 2017. Applications can be emailed to or mailed to Victoria Hoppes, 7363 Bear Creek Road, Morgantown, IN 46160.

Download the Application

Episcopal Women Honored at Luncheon

April 8th at St. Paul’s, Columbus, 25 women were honored for their support of their parish and community at a Luncheon sponsored by the Diocesan Episcopal Women’s Ministries Council. Bishop-Elect Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows presented their certificates.

Honored Women

  • Carol Baum – Good Samaritan Brownsburg
  • Mary Boggs – St. Alban’s, Indianapolis
  • Pat Carter – St. James’, New Castle
  • Dr. Carolyn Cooper – Chapel of the Good Shepherd, West Lafayette
  • Karen Dickie – Christ Church Church, Madison
  • Carla Ewing – St. Paul’s, Evansville
  • Judith Gillespie – St. Paul’s, Columbus
  • Jane Herr – St. David’s, Bean Blossom
  • Rhoda Keough – St. Phillip’s, Indianapolis
  • Dr. Maggie McClure – St. John’s, Lafayette
  • Marie Krebs O’Neil – St. Paul’s New Albany
  • Kaye Palmer – St. Matthew’s, Indianapolis
  • Irene Ray – St. James’, Vincennes
  • Nancy Rayfield –  Trinity, Bloomington
  • Dr. Jane Root – Trinity, Indianapolis
  • Helen Rudesill – St. Paul’s, Indianapolis
  • Susan Steigerwald –Trinity, Lawrenceburg
  • Betty Whaley –  Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis
  • Carolyn Williams –  St. Timothy’s, Indianapolis

Special recognition

  • Esther Weaver for her support
  • Sally Cassidy for her support

Those not able to attend:

  • Suse Blasé – St. Christopher’s Church, Carmel
  • Ruthie Fassnacht – St. Mark’s, Plainfield
  • Carol Hubbard – St. Augustine, Danville
  • Florence Caylor – Trinity, Anderson

More Pictures from the Event

Pathways to Vitality: Taxability and Gifts

pathways to vitalityA new blog post has been published.

Taxability and Gifts

From time to time, you may have questions regarding the taxability of gifts you give or your congregation receives. With April 15 upon us, this may be a timely topic. Here is a Pop Quiz to test your knowledge. Good luck!

Past Posts

Support Your Episcopal Fund for Human Need

Ingathering time is coming soon for your Episcopal Fund for Human Need (EFHN), the only yearly diocesan fund drive for ministries of hope and help in our local communities. Most parishes choose to gather EFHN gifts on or around Pentecost Sunday, June 4.

Grants have been made annually to 25-35 agencies and at least 10 have been supported for over 40 years now. The missions are varied—from assisting ex-offenders with job training to helping victims of domestic violence with shelter and legal assistance, to providing the elderly with transportation or daycare, to helping families that need emergency food, medical care, or utilities assistance.

In 2017 our diocese expects to provide grants to 34 different agencies in Southern and Central Indiana for a total of $47,750. Please help us meet this goal. Resources are offered here to help you plan your EFHN giving emphasis. Use your EFHN giving bucket (each parish has one) and/or a supply of EFHN offering envelopes as you conduct your giving campaign. Contact Canon Marsha Gebuhr if our diocesan office can support you in any way.

Lord Jesus, you said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” We began the Episcopal Fund for Human Need to help those who fall through the cracks with our support of human needs agencies throughout the Diocese of Indianapolis. Help us to be generous to serve as a lifeline to those who are hungry, homeless or poorly housed, without transportation, or ill and in need of assistance in Central and Southern Indiana that we might serve as a safety net and shine brightly that others may know you as the light of Christ in their lives as you are in ours, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

This Year’s Resources

Diocesan Executive Council Jump Starts the Waycross Waynick Center for Youth Formation and Camping

Diocesan Executive Council voted at its March meeting to provide $30,000 in matching funds to jump-start construction at Waycross on the Waynick Center for Youth Formation and Camping. The gift was offered in honor of Bishop Waynick’s 20 years of ministry and in recognition of her retirement next month. The center will provide 300 square feet of professional space for its growing youth formation, camping, and leadership team. It will be constructed in currently vacant space between the conference center Cherry Wing and Conference Room B. It will have its own entrance, allowing for work that does not interfere with other users of the conference center.

Executive Council hopes the remainder of the some $55,000 estimated for construction can be raised by May 15. To make a gift, go to the Diocesan Make a Gift page and designate your gift for the Bishop Waynick Waycross Project. You can also send a check to the diocesan office at 1100 W. 42nd Street, Indianapolis IN 46208.

In addition to acknowledging Bishop Waynick’s last meeting with Executive Council, the council heard from Bishop-elect the Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows on a planned initiative for a series of listening sessions around the diocese. A series of ten sessions are expected to begin in June, with the help of a professional consultant, and designed to elicit “deep listening” around the hopes, dreams, and challenges in our diocese. More details on the sessions will be announced soon.

A Waycross Camp Wish List

Summer is coming and camp season at Waycross will soon be upon us. Victoria Hoppes, Waycross Program Director and Diocesan Coordinator of Ministries with and for Youth and other Waycross staff have been busy planning for summer camp there, including a wish list of items they hope to have on hand during summer camp. This wish list is available at this link:

You can purchase items through Amazon (even using Amazon Prime!) and they will be shipped directly to Waycross. Don’t forget to shop using Amazon Smile ( ) and designate Waycross to receive a donation for each qualifying purchase!