Diocesan Convention October 27-29 


Mark your calendars and watch this space for information on Diocesan Convention 2016. 

The 179th annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese will be held at  the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre, 31 W. Ohio Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204, on October 27 – 29, 2016.  This will be an electing convention and Christ Church Cathedral will host the election and this convention.  The election of the 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Indianapolis will take place on Friday morning October 28, at Christ Church Cathedral after the Eucharist.

• The Call to Convention

• Window for Pre-Convention Deanery Meetings

• Electing Convention: The Convention on the Calendar

• Preliminary Schedule 

• 2017 Budget Documents

• Call for Committee/Commission Reports Deadline September 30

• Call for Proposed Resolutions Deadline August 27

• Call for Proposed Changes to the Constitution or Canons  Deadline August 26

2016 Nominations

ballot box casting vote election

We have received the following nominations to be voted upon at this year's diocesan convention.

Nominations are open until September 1, 2016. For complete details and the nomination form, please see Convention 2016: Opportunities to Serve.

Deputy, 2018 General Convention



The Rev. Evelyn Wheeler

Mtr Evelyn

The Rev. Evelyn Wheeler
Christ Episcopal Church, Madison
Candidate for nomination to Deputy to General Convention 2018 (Clergy)

Describe the church work or community service activities you have participated in that prepared you for the work of the committee?

Rector of Christ Church Madison since 2012. Serving on Diocesan Executive Committee (2014-2017), Title IV Clergy Disciplinary Board (from 2016). I am the Chair of the Missions Commission that oversees Cooperating Ministries in the Diocese. Member of Diocesan Resolutions Committee (2016). In the Madison/Hanover area, I serve on the Advisory Board for Clearinghouse of Madison/Hanover (social service agencies in coordination and cooperation for the betterment of local persons in need), and on our local ad hoc advisory board for winter shelter options in Madison. As I write this, I am working with many others in our community to fashion an appropriate response to a planned visit to our town by members of the KKK in September with a peaceful and non-violent approach.

In seminary, I studied not only with Episcopalians from all over the country, but also with members of other denominations. This has given me the chance to keep up with current events in other communities, such as Baltimore and St Louis, where my friends and colleagues work.
In my pre-clergy life, I was a member of the Vestry (and Clerk of the Vestry) of my home church in Virginia, a member of the choir, a lay reader, a “teller,” and altar server.

In my previous career as a Foreign Service Officer (1985-2007), I worked extensively with representatives in international organizations (UN-affiliated and others), and with institutions in other countries (primarily Russia) engaged in cooperative ventures of common interest in the environmental field. This work depended on networking and governance skills, in listening and analyzing the views and interests of many differing communities, and in helping to formulate systems that addressed the common concerns of many. I have lived and worked in Vermont, Virginia, New York, DC, Connecticut, Moscow, Beijing, and Ulaanbaatar. I also went on short-term assignments to Kenya, El Salvador, and Jamaica. These experiences gave me the opportunity to see how others live and to work together with them, both inside and outside the church!

I also have a law degree (though I have not practiced in years), which means I am able to understand legal concepts and language.

What do you feel you can contribute by your service?

It is indeed a privilege to serve God’s people in any capacity. I can contribute a lively mind and a sense of humor. I have the ability to elicit and honor the views of others, and to seek common ground and mutual understanding. I deeply love the Episcopal Church and its history, worship, and traditions. I deeply love God, and see God at work in the world around me every day. Given my overseas experience, I will also bring a truly global perspective to the work of the Church in Convention. I strive to learn from many sources and people, and to educate others about the need for understanding different perspectives and experiences in our society, to be attentive and responsive to the needs of the outcast, the poor, and the “other.”

I would be most honored to receive your trust, and I pledge to do my best to represent our wonderful Diocese in the national Church. I thank you for your consideration.

The Rev. Thomas William Blake

Thomas William Blake

The Rev. Thomas William Blake Parish: Grace, Muncie Candidate for nomination to Deputy, 2018 General Convention – Clergy


Describe the church work or community service activities you have participated in that prepared you for the work of the committee?

I am in my thirteenth year as Rector of Grace Church, Muncie. I previously served congregations in the Diocese of Maryland. I have served as a deputy to three General Conventions (2009, 2012, 2015), and as an alternate deputy to one General Convention (2006). In 2012, I chaired the Indianapolis deputation. I have served on two General Convention legislative committees including Social and Urban Affairs, and Prayer Book, Liturgy, and Church Music. In 2011, I represented the diocese at a church wide consultation on the (then) proposed liturgy for blessing same sex relationships. I also served as a delegate to two Province V Synods (2012, 2015). I have served on the diocesan Standing Committee and Executive Council. I currently serve on the Bishop Transition Committee, and am in my fourth year as Dean of the Northeast Deanery.

What do you feel you can contribute by your service?

I bring a love of Jesus Christ and a willingness to be his disciple and follow where he leads and calls. I bring a love of The Episcopal Church and of our Catholic and Evangelical heritage in the Anglican tradition. I bring prayerfulness, a gift for listening and discerning, and a willingness to engage in holy conversation. I bring steadiness, patience, and a calm demeanor. I bring the seniority and wisdom of a seasoned deputy who knows the legislative process well, and who can be expected to arrive always with a firm grasp of the issues, but never with an unbending heart.

The Rev. Charles T. Dupree

rev charlie dupree

The Rev. Charles T. Dupree Parish: Trinity, Bloomington Candidate for nomination to Deputy, 2018 General Convention – Clergy


Describe the church work or community service activities you have participated in that prepared you for the work of the committee?

I designed and implemented the services for daily worship at General Convention in Indianapolis (2012) and Salt Lake City (2015). I have served for the past two years as the Chair of the Commission on Ministry. I was also an original developer of the Lunches and Lessons program which continues to cultivate and build relationships with the Diocese of Haiti.

What do you feel you can contribute by your service?

I love the Episcopal Church. I have been an Episcopalian all of my life and am interested, particularly in this time, in how the Church is called to be engaged in conversations about how to creatively worship, boldly witness to the caring compassion of Jesus, live lives of resurrection, and embody hope. I am also dedicated to honoring our ancient rhythms and roots. To our team of delegates, I bring the gifts of creativity, a love for the Church, and a desire to share and celebrate the radical welcome and compassion of Jesus.

The Rev. Dr. Gray Lesesne

Gray Lesesne

The Rev. Dr. Gray Lesesne Parish: Good Samaritan, Brownsburg Candidate for nomination to Deputy, 2018 General Convention - Clergy


Describe the church work or community service activities you have participated in that prepared you for the work of the committee?

As the first church planter in our Diocese in more than 20 years, I’ve enjoyed travelling around over the past two years to preach, to lead workshops, and to share the Good News about our new start in Brownsburg. What’s been even more exciting is brainstorming with you about what we’ve learned in our new mission “field” and how that can be applied and adapted locally to our existing ministries. I would be able to represent us at General Convention with significant on-the-ground experience about what is working in new starts and with ideas of how to translate this work into the ministry of our existing churches.

My recent experience with our Bishop Search Committee has helped me to know what both the concerns and joys of our Diocese are at this particular moment in our life together. Our team sought to listen well to the people of our Diocese through our Holy Conversations, to be transparent with our process wherever possible, to express your hopes, dreams, and desires in a position profile that was hopeful and forward-looking, and then to recruit and present a wonderful slate of candidates. I’d want to carry all of that energy and goodwill we’ve built up in this last year to General Convention as we deliberate and work for a hopeful future of the Episcopal Church.

Finally, my work as Co-Chair of the Diocesan Host Team from General Convention 2012 has helped me to serve this Diocese as a trustworthy convener and coordinator of ministry and mission. We all stepped in to offer hospitality and to welcome the larger Episcopal Church. I’d want to leverage those great networks and connections we have established to make sure that every congregation and ministry feels represented and included as we head into General Convention and as we share the fruits of our labor afterwards.

What do you feel you can contribute by your service?

As the Episcopal Church follows the call of Bishop Curry to lead the Jesus Movement, I can bring to General Convention the energy and hope and real-time perspectives of an inclusive, mission-focused new church plant that is on the ground, taking risks, and trying church a little differently. Having served on Bishop Search Committee and General Convention Host Team, I can also use my great working relationships with many clergy and lay leaders from our Diocese to make sure that our distinctive diocesan voice is heard in the deliberations of General Convention, and to ensure that the work we do at General Convention is focused first and foremost on congregational renewal, development, and growth that will impact and help our ministries, churches, and people on the ground here in Central and Southern Indiana.

The Rev. Jan Oller

Jan Oller

The Rev. Jan Oller
Parish: St. John’s
Candidate for nomination to Deputy, 2018 General Convention - Clergy


Describe the church work or community service activities you have participated in that prepared you for the work of the committee?

I was a Deputy at General Convention, 2015, and a Volunteer for General Convention, 2012. That experience will help me “hit the ground running” for General Convention, 2018. I also served on the Canons Committee for GC 2015 which was helpful when proposals to changes in the Canons came before the House of Deputies. Currently I serve as Chair of the Diocesan Constitution & Canons Committee so am familiar with both Diocesan and National Canons.

General Convention is about more than legislative work, though, and here my past life experience in the Diocese of Los Angeles, the Diocese of Texas and the Diocese of Mississippi have introduced me to people throughout the wider church. These relationships can be helpful when negotiating issues pertinent to the wide church.

Being Rector of a parish, with responsibilities for much of the day-to-day operations of the parish as well as worship, has gifted me with skills and talents that can be useful when considering the impact of proposals that come before General Convention.

What do you feel you can contribute by your service?

General Convention is about more than legislative work, though that is extremely important to General Convention. My past life experience in the Diocese of Los Angeles, the Diocese of Texas, and the Diocese of Mississippi have introduced me to people throughout the wider church. These relationships can be helpful when negotiating issues pertinent to the wide church.

My experience as a lawyer also can be helpful when reading and interpreting matters that the House of Deputies is asked to consider.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as a Deputy. Having well qualified, interested and experienced people serve as Deputies is a tribute to the Diocese of Indianapolis. I hope you will elect me to represent this Diocese.

Deputy, 2018 General Convention



Susan Steigerwald

Susan Steigerwald

Susan Steigerwald Parish: Trinity, Lawrenceburg Candidate for nomination to Deputy, 2018 General Convention – Lay


Describe the church work or community service activities you have participated in that prepared you for the work of the committee?

I have given 40 years of active service to my community with Tri Kappa, a service organization. At Trinity, I have served on the Bishop's Committee twice and as Senior Warden twice. I also served as church treasurer for 7 years. I helped to found Trinity Health Clinic and worked there for the last 12 years. I'm also on the Altar Guild and a Lay Eucharistic Visitor. I volunteered for the entirety of General Convention 2012 and served as an alternate deputy (and volunteer) at General Convention 2015. Currently I serve on the Executive Council of the diocese.

What do you feel that you can contribute by your service?

I feel that I have a good understanding of the challenges and blessings of smaller churches in our diocese. As a member of the Executive Council, I also am becoming more familiar with the larger financial and spiritual affairs of the church. I believe that the work of General Convention is to make our church a better, more open, more welcoming,
and more fulfilling place for followers of Jesus. To that end, I would carefully and prayerfully use my vote to ensure the future of The Episcopal Church.

Standing Committee


The Rev. Karen Sullivan

The Rev. Karen Sullivan

The Rev. Karen Sullivan Parish: St. Philip’s, Indianapolis Candidate for nomination to Standing Committee (Clergy)


Describe the church work or community service activities you have participated in that prepared you for the work of the committee?

I was ordained as a deacon in the Church eleven years ago. I am currently assigned to St. Philip’s, Indianapolis.

My ministry as clergy includes serving throughout the diocese on the Council on the Diaconate, as the Lay Eucharistic Visitor trainer, the Reimagining Task Force, two terms on the Commission on Ministry, and most recently the Bishop Search Committee. I currently am the Jubilee Officer of the diocese.

What do you feel you can contribute by your service?

By the very definition of my ministry, I continue to interpret to the Church the needs, hopes and concerns of the world. I seek to bring the servant voice of the deacon to the Standing Committee.

I also bring experience from the secular world to the Committee, first as a longtime educator and for the last decade as someone very involved in the justice system. I am currently a probation office for the Marion County Superior Court.

The Search for the 11th Bishop

Slate of Candidates for the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis Released

Slate of Candidates for the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis Released

The slate of candidates for the eleventh bishop was announced last month. Read the announcement here.

Next StepBishop Candidate Walkabouts and Visitations, October 12 - 16, 2016

The Candidates

The Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows

The Rev. Dr. Grace Burton-Edwards

• Profile & Video

• View Resume 

The Rev. Canon P. Lance Ousley

• Profile & Video

• View Resume

The Rev. Dina van Klaveren 

• Profile & Video

• View Resume

Disaster Strikes and ERD Responds

Episcopal Relief and Development and the Gulf Coast Flood Crisis


Episcopal Relief and Development is partnering with dioceses and others to assist in flood response in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. Find out more, pray, and help as you can.

Resources can be found at www.episcopalrelief.org

Download Bulletin Insert
English: PDF | JPG
Spanish: PDF | JPG 

• 8/17: Episcopal Relief & Development Supports Louisiana Dioceses in Flood Response

• 8/16: Pastoral Letter from Bishop of Louisiana; Update from Western Louisiana

Diocesan News

"Race, Privilege, and Diversity" on September 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

register now.fw

"Race, Privilege, and Diversity"  is the next offering by the Diocesan Anti-Racism Committee.  See the Event page for details.


Pathways to Vitality Has Just Offered a New Blog Post

pathways to vitality

Pathways to Vitality is a financial literacy initiative of our diocese. It strengthens congregations by supporting clergy and lay leaders who serve them. Both clergy and lay leaders are indispensable in leading vital congregations  positively impacting families, neighborhoods, communities... and the world. 

The newest blog post offered is on "Understanding the Clergy Housing Allowance"  Read and share.


You Are Invited

Celebration of The Rev. Debbie Dehler's New Ministry at St. Alban's, Indianapolis at 7 p.m. Thursday, September 22, 2016.

Celebration of The Rev. Debbie Dehler's New Ministry



Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Names Diocesan Clergy as College of Pastoral Leader Cohorts

The Rev. Dr. Gray LesesneGood Samaritan, Brownsburg, and the Rev. Sarah GinolfiSt. Paul's, Indianapolis, are a part of a small ecumenical peer group of Indiana church planters receiving a $10,000 grant from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary's College of Pastoral Leaders. Over the coming two years, they will be continuing on a journey as College of Pastoral Leader Cohorts---church leaders committed to learning in community for their own flourishing in ministry for the sake of the Gospel.

According to their purpose statement, "We are six mainline clergy who have accepted God’s call to become harvesters of a new crop as we plant, redevelop, and form new Christian communities of creativity, justice, transformation, and hope in the Hoosier State. Our tiny seedlings are now bearing the first hints of green in the cornfields of Indiana. We seek to grow our own inner spirituality so that we might have deep roots to produce an abundant harvest. Our colleague group has been gathering since June 2015 to share our ministry successes and challenges, to explore what it means to create new communities that are both sustainable and innovative, and to support each other. In the midst of our conversations, we have discovered that what we most deeply need for this exciting, but all-consuming work is nourishment for our souls."


Nancy Rayfield to be Honored

nancy rayfield

On Sunday, August 28, Trinity, Bloomington, will honor Nancy Rayfield for her years of service to the Episcopal Church on the local, diocesan, provincial and national level. This day also happens to be Nancy’s 90th birthday.

You are cordially invited to join the celebration at the coffee hour, or send cards or letters to Nancy c/o Trinity Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 336, Bloomington, IN, 47402-0336 . The celebration will occur after the 9 a.m. service at Trinity.

Nancy served as Director of Christian Education for the Diocese of Indianapolis for untold years. She was also the Director of Christian Education for Trinity, Bloomington for years. She trained Sunday School teachers, Christian Education Directors, and offered education workshops. Her faithful, enthusiastic, steadfast commitment to this ministry has been remarkable.


St. Matthew's 100th... A Celebration!

St. Matthew's 100th... A Celebration!

St. Matthew's, Indianapolis, will celebrate its 100th birthday with an Evensong at 4 p.m., September 18. (RSVP by August 28th, office@stmattsindy.org or 317-898-7807).

Read more.


Health Ministry Conference to be Held at St. Christopher's


 "You Shall Love Your Neighbor as Yourself"

Celebrating 20 Years of EHM September 15-17, 2016

The 8th Episcopal Health Ministries Conference will be held at St. Christopher's, Carmel. The vision for EHM started in the Diocese of Indianapolis over 20 years ago. EHM is as relevant today as it was in the beginning: "That every Episcopal congregation becomes a vibrant, caring place of health and wholeness". As Jesus says in Mathew 22:39, "and the second is like it, Love your neighbor as yourself."

This conference will inform, embrace and encourage participants to understand "Who is our Neighbor?" Are we any different from the people we serve? Learn about mental illness, substance abuse, end of life issues, Alzheimer's, and how to create and sustain any kind of programs in your congregations.

The Jean Denton Keynote Address will be presented by Rev. Melford E. (Bud) Holland Jr. Bud has been assisting groups and individuals to understand more fully the complexities of transitions and their gifts and assets to work effectively within them. Bud was involved in the early organization of National Episcopal Health Ministries

Dates and Times

Programing: September 15, 2016 9 a.m. to September 16, 2016 5 p.m
Closing Eucharist and Blessing of Hands: Friday 5:30 p.m.
Networking: Saturday September 17, 2016 9 am to 12 p.m.

Accommodations are available: Homewood Suites by Hilton at Keystone Crossing 2501 E. 86th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46240 317-253-1919.

Registration: tinyurl.com/zvbm3eq

Fall EWM 2016 Retreat

A Festival of Prayer Practices

September 30-October 2, 2016
Waycross Conference Center

with The Rev. Dr. Hilary Cooke and The Rev. Dr. Nancy Woodworth-Hill.

See the event calendar for full information and registration form.

Around the Fireplace - July 2016

Around the Fireplace: Get Ready for Church Social Media Sunday #SMS16


Kathy Copas
Coordinator of Communication and Evangelism

Sunday, September 25

One of the clergy in our diocese asked me a  few months ago if we would ever again have a churchwide Social Media Sunday. I half-jokingly said, "Well, isn't EVERY Sunday a church Social Media Sunday?!" But, we do, indeed now, have a designated Sunday rapidly approaching in which we are called as Episcopalians, churchwide, to give some special attention to how we engage the world via social media. So, yet another clergyperson invited me in to brainstorm with him last week about some things he and his parish might do to more intentionally embrace social media, particularly Facebook.

Facebook has been around for a good long while now but continues to evolve. Paralleling the development of mobile technology, Facebook has emerged as a primary tool for church shoppers. Research has shown that Facebook has become just as important, or even more important, than church websites when people are seeking basic information about a church these days. Why? One of the reasons is that people initially just want to get a quick and easy basic sweeping sense of what a church is doing in real time. What are its members talking about and working on these days? What do the photos and/or videos and conversation tell us about this church and how it may or may not be a good fit for us? What have other guests experienced? What events are coming up we may want to connect to? Websites, even very mobile-optimized ones, are increasingly becoming more second-line resources, while Facebook pages and open groups have become more frontline first impression tools.

So, what are some things we can all consider about better using Facebook as---for starters---Social Media Sunday 2016 approaches? Here are a few that have emerged over the past few weeks in discussions at various parishes.

• Have something---anything---relatively current posted on your Facebook page or group,  By relatively current, we're talking at least within the past month.

• Always post a visual with any bit of news. This can be a photo, meme, infographic, or video.  Posts with visuals get lots more attention and, with a simple Google search, you can find many resources out there that will help you import or create simple visuals right on your phone. The more visuals and multimedia people can access on your page, the more your Facebook presence will reflect a real sense of what your parish is about.  And, while beautiful and general church memes can be effective, what always works best and appears most authentic is images of real people in your church engaged in ministry and interaction with one another.

• Use Facebook to increase your pastoral care potential. The general rule about Facebook is to use 20 percent of your time with it to share your own news and 80 percent to interact with your followers or friends.  It is a rich and very personal tool for offering care for those going through a life transition, experiencing illness, or even celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Of course, it goes without saying that we all need to consider privacy preferences and permissions before we share too much!

• Use Facebook for starting conversations, posing questions, and generally keeping the dialogue going between Sundays. Talk about the lectionary coming up the following Sunday, what your midweek Bible study group has been discussing, how a mission project is going and what is needed to better support it....  The ideas are endless and newcomers can easily be invited and encouraged into your conversation.

• Learn a bit about Facebook metrics and "pushing" posts about your page, your church, or an upcoming activity or project.  For a very small amount of money---often as little as $10-$20, you can push your post onto Facebook news feeds that you select by variables such as geographic area, extending your reach dramatically.

One of Facebook's best new tools is "Go Live" and we will be using/demonstrating that here in our diocese on Tuesday, August 30, 7 p.m. for our special Media Monday (on a Tuesday this time)..  If you have joined our Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis page, all you have to do is go on Facebook at that time, where you will see a message "The Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis is live."  Just click it on and you can participate via comments and posts. If you happen to miss it, you will be able to access it later. This tool holds much potential for any parish. Using a smartphone, you can live broadcast on Facebook a sermon, music, or even your entire worship time or church school program.  How cool is that?!

So, hope to see you on August 30 as we learn together, and brainstorm together, on how we can make Episcopal Social Media Sunday on September 25 the best ever and add new tools and possibilities to our longer-term social media profile!.

Great idea of the day---get ready now to gather more supplies for your parish or community food pantry this winter!

Around the Diocese


Photos shared on social media recently.


St. Paul's, Columbus rector, the Rev. Marc Vance, shows off the sign he regularly takes to a local coffee shop to do some listening with those who stop by.


Several persons at Trinity, Bloomington, did a pilgrimage to Scotland and England this summer, exploring St. Cuthbert's Way.


Church of the Nativity, Indianapolis, held a gi-normous rummage sale this summer.


St. David's, Bean Blossom, continues their popular Saturday morning farmer's market.


St. Christopher's, Carmel, youth did an amazing job creating their youth lounge space!


The Rev. Canon Shannon MacVean-Brown, shown here, and the congregation of Christ Church Cathedral held a six-week summer series called a Season of Creation, celebrating science, the environment, and faith.


All Saints, Indianapolis, offered this great welcome to Pokemon Go players---inviting everyone who is searching for something, Pokemon or otherwise, to their beautiful church.


St. Stephen's, New Harmony, outreach did a big back to school giveaway project in their community.


St. Paul's, Jeffersonville, removed four large and damaged trees from their property this week, grateful to get them down before a summer storm impacted them.


St. John's, Speedway, just had a summer clean up and pizza day.


The Rev. Bradley Pace and the congregation of St. John's, Lafayette, held Eucharist and had a summer picnic at Prophetstown State Park.


The St. Andrew's, Greencastle outreach program partnered with the wellness team at Putnam County Hospital this summer to offer basic community health screenings.


St. John's, Washington, has been doing some work this summer on their basement windows, getting ready for the rain to start.


St. Paul's, Richmond, had a farewell dinner to honor their departing clergy, the Rev. Susan Bennett.


St. Augustine's, Danville, is enjoying their beautiful new wildflower garden, which is attracting butterflies this summer.


Congratulations to St. Alban's, Indianapolis. Their "From Swords to Plowshares Garden" is featured in the current issue of Vestry Papers! An article about the Garden also appeared in the July issue of the Diocesan Monthly News.


Holy Family, Fishers, is getting ready for a big block party, where community first responders will be honored.



St. Peter's, Lebanon, parishioners have been completing work on a labyrinth.


Spark 2 Serve kids at Good Samaritan, Brownsburg, created a pledge about using their hands to serve others.


Gail and Maggie Shourds from Peace Church, Rockport, traveled to Europe this summer with the Kentucky Youth Chorale.

For Fun and Inspiration


Events & Calendar

August 25: Planning for Tomorrow

For lay staff plus spouse/partner

St. Paul’s, Indy

August 26-27: Planning for Tomorrow

For clergy plus spouse/partner

Westin downtown Indy


August 30: Media Monday (on a Tuesday): Facebook Live

- 7 p.m. on the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis official Facebook page

September 8: Fall Ember Day

- St. Timothy's, time TBA

September 13-30: Window for pre-convention deanery meetings

September 15-17: Fresh Start Retreat
- Greencastle


September 17: Executive Council

- Waycross

September 22: Celebration of The Rev. Debbie Dehler's New Ministry

- St. Alban's, Indianapolis, 7 p.m.


September 24:"Race, Privilege, and Diversity" Antiracism Workshop

-St . Christopher’s, Carmel, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

September 25: Social Media Sunday

September 30-October 2: Episcopal Women's Ministries Retreat: Festival of Prayer

- Waycross

For more events, complete details, or updates, see indydio.org/events/list/.



Anticipated Date April, 2017

Stay informed and connected to the information and social media postings of the Diocesan search committee.

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