July 2016

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The Search for the 11th Bishop

Slate of Candidates for the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis Released

Slate of Candidates for the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis Released

Dear Diocese of Indianapolis Colleagues, In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ: Greetings.

On behalf of the whole Search Committee for the Eleventh Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, the Episcopal Church in Central and Southern Indiana, and with the enthusiastic consent of the Standing Committee, I am pleased to present to the diocesan household our slate of candidates, which you will find by clicking here. The Standing Committee charged our committee to assemble a slate of talented, faithful people, any one of whom we were convinced would be qualified to serve as our next bishop. This is that slate.

We are grateful to the whole household for your input and insights that guided our profile, for your patience, and for your regular prayers. We give thanks, too, for the many candidates who were willing to put their names forward and offer their gifts to our diocese.

I also want to extend my deepest thanks to the faithful members of the Search Committee team, who worked tirelessly and seamlessly to produce this wonderful slate of nominees. Our work was energizing and exciting, and I can truly say that this was one of my best experiences in the church! When you see them around the diocese, will you please thank them for the ministry they have done on our behalf? They are: The Rev. Dr. Charles Allen, The Rev. Gordon Chastain, The Rev. Dr. Hilary Cooke, Lara Dreyer, George Eastman, The Rev. Dr. Richard Godbold, The Rev. Dr. Gray Lesesne, Terry Noble, Brendan O'Sullivan-Hale, The Rev. Karen Sullivan, The Rev. Fatima Yakubu-Madus, and Melissa zur Loye.

The next stage of our transition now begins: to get to know this slate of candidates, and to discern together which of them God is calling to lead us in the next chapter of our ministry in this diocese.


Pam Douglas
Search Committee Chair



The Candidates

The Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows

The Rev. Dr. Grace Burton-Edwards

• Profile & Video

• View Resume 

The Rev. Canon P. Lance Ousley

• Profile & Video

• View Resume

The Rev. Dina van Klaveren 

• Profile & Video

• View Resume

Diocesan Convention October 27-29 


Mark your calendars and watch this space for information on Diocesan Convention 2016. 

The 179th annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese will be held at  the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre, 31 W. Ohio Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204, on October 27 – 29, 2016.  This will be an electing convention and Christ Church Cathedral will host the election and this convention.  The election of the 11th Bishop of the Diocese of Indianapolis will take place on Friday morning October 28, at Christ Church Cathedral after the Eucharist.

• The Call to Convention

• Window for Pre-Convention Deanery Meetings

• Electing Convention: The Convention on the Calendar

• Preliminary Schedule 

• 2017 Budget Documents


The Call for Committee/Commission Reports Has Been Issued

 The Call for Committee/Commission Reports has been issued by the  convention secretary. The deadline for submission is September 30.  You can download the call here 

Read more.


Call for Proposed Resolutions

 The Call for Proposed Resolutions has been issued. Proposed resolutions must be submitted to the committee on or before, August 27. You can download the Call here.

Read more.


Call for Proposed Changes to the Constitution or Canons

The Call for Proposed Changes to the Constitution or Canons for the 2016 Diocesan Convention. The deadline for submissions is August 26, 2016. Download the Call here. 

Read more.

ballot box casting vote election

Convention 2016 - Opportunities to Serve

Could This Be Your Opportunity to Serve?

Diocesan Convention each year presents the opportunity to nominate and elect people to serve in the diocese in various positions. Download the form and overview for complete information. Deadline for submission is September 1, 2016. 

Read more.

Reactions to the Lastest Wave of Violence and Terrorism

Bishop Waynick's Statement on Istanbul

Istanbul Ataturk Turkey Airport Highway Sign 2D Illustration

 Dear Friends,

Our world seems to be exploding with violence - individuals who have been convinced that violence is a legitimate expression of frustration and disagreement have decided to act out their own hatred or despair by taking the lives of others.

Two weeks ago it was Orlando. Now it is Istanbul. It has been Paris, Brussels, Denver, San Bernardino, Sandy Hook.....

As Christians we must be as clear as we are able to be about this -- Jesus leaves no room for us to claim violence as a legitimate response even when we feel threatened, or are being treated unjustly, or unfairly. He also made it clear that we are not to "lie down and take it," but to use the rules that are already in place to make injustice apparent and to convince those who are behaving badly to 'quit their foolish ways.'
We must also be aware that such violence is urged through the use of words. We know the rhyme from childhood - 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!' And we all know what a lie that is! Words have power, and we must be careful about the words we use. Words can provide encouragement, comfort, appreciation, affection, and encourage love. They can also discourage, shame, brutalize, demonize, and encourage hate. Those who have been 'radicalized' have been swayed by the use of language.

When language is used to denigrate and scapegoat whole groups of people, the seeds of violence are being sown. When language is used to invite anxiety about others because they are somehow different, seeds of violence are being sown.

Difference is not something to be dreaded and distrusted, but to be marveled at and appreciated! Every leaf turns its own colors in the fall, every snowflake has its distinct form. No two birds have identical feathers. Even identical twins can have different temperaments. And yet each and every human being is made in the divine image ----which should tell us that God rejoices in variety!

As Christians it is our mission to proclaim by word and action the Good News of God's love for all people - every single person - in Christ Jesus. We are to proclaim the love of
God who, in the resurrection of Jesus, proclaims us dear and beloved even when steeped in sin....we are not entitled to describe any person or group as 'un-beloved.'
As Christians we worship the Word made flesh, the Incarnate Word in and through Whom all things are made. Our stewardship of words, in order to be faithful, must be creative, loving, and inviting of peace. Even when uncomfortable truths are spoken they must be spoken in love, and with the invitation to reconciliation. And when we encounter words being used in other ways we must resist and decry their power, and pray for the grace to speak and act in ways which provide a faithful witness to God's all-encompassing love. May it be so.

Yours in Christ, 



Presiding Bishop Asks for Prayers for Nice, France

Presiding Bishop asks for prayers for Nice, France

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry has issued a video asking every Episcopalian to share in deep prayer for Nice, France, following a deadly attack on July 14 that killed 84 people and injured more than 200. Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry has issued the above video asking every Episcopalian to share in deep prayer for Nice, France, following a deadly attack on July 14 that killed 84 people and injured more than 200.

Read more and see the video.


Video: Presiding Bishop Asks for Prayers Following Shootings

Video: Presiding Bishop asks for prayers following shootings

Resources for prayer and conversation

Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop and Primate Michael Curry has issued the following video asking every Episcopalian to share in deep prayer following the shootings in the United States.  The video is available here.

Many Episcopal groups have prepared resources that may help congregations and individuals in their prayer and conversation this weekend.

• A liturgy resource for praying after Ferguson, created in the Diocese of Missouri and shared by the Beloved Community: Commission for Dismantling Racism in the Diocese of Atlanta

• A summary of Episcopal resources for racial reconciliation

• Episcopal News Service feed with statements and resources from across the church

• If you have created resources to help your community to pray and to work for healing and justice, please share them with the Presiding Bishop’s staff here:reconciliation@episcopalchurch.org.

Read more and see the video

Diocesan News

Our Newest Deacon in the Diocese

Rev David Guilfoyle deacon ordaination

The Rev. David Guilfoyle was ordained to the diaconate on Saturday, July 16, 2016  at Trinity, Lawrenceburg.


Diocesan Delegation Goes on Pilgrimage to Partner Diocese of Brasilia


A delegation including Bishop Waynick and clergy Jeffrey Bower, Sarah Ginolfi, Bradley Pace, and Jim Stanton went on pilgrimage to our partner Diocese of Brasilia the week of July 3. They learned more about Brasilia's after school programs for children who are only able to attend school for a brief time each day,  as well as other ministries in that diocese. They built new relationships and strengthened old friendships as they mutually shared about the future of our diocesan partnership with Brasilia.

The delegation was pleased to present a check for $13,000 from the Diocese of Indianapolis (including parishes, individuals, and dailyoffice.org) in support of Brasilia ministries. They also arrived with gifts of school supplies and games to share with the excited  students.

More Photos from the Visit


Lunches and Lessons in the Diocese of Haiti Needs Your Support for 2017


As the Diocese of Haiti continues earthquake recovery with the rebuilding of the Mithon School, more children than ever are returning to school.  Support is needed to carry our life-changing Lunches and Lessons initiative into 2017 for the children of Haiti.

It costs $99 to provide food and staffing for one student for a year.  Our diocesan goal is $25,000 by the end of 2016. Even if your parish, household or group can support just one student, please help!

Click here for our Make a Gift page. Choose the second option on the drop down list---Diocese of Haiti: Lunches and Lessons.


Information Day

Have you considered exploring a call to ordained ministry?  The diocesan Commission on Ministry Information Day will be on August 6, 2016.  It all begins with a conversation with your parish clergy for more information.


See the Event Calendar for the most complete information. 


You Are Invited

Fall EWM 2016 Retreat

A Festival of Prayer Practices

September 30-October 2, 2016
Waycross Conference Center

with The Rev. Dr. Hilary Cooke and The Rev. Dr. Nancy Woodworth-Hill.

See the event calendar for full information and registration form.


For Clergy and Lay Employees

church pension group

Registration Now Open for "Planning for Tomorrow"

You are cordially invited to explore your financial future and well-being through the Church Pension Group's "Planning for Tomorrow" events. Follow the links to register and find out more.

• Lay: Thursday, August 25, for lay staff plus spouse/partner at St. Paul's, Indianapolis:  www.cvent.com/d/jfq5bk.

• Clergy: Friday, August 26—Saturday, August 27, for clergy plus spouse/partner at the Westin Downtown Indianapoliswww.cvent.com/d/tfq5bp.


Celebration of The Rev. Debbie Dehler's New Ministry

7 p.m September 22, 2016 

St. Alban's Episcopal Church
4601 N Emerson Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46226.

Around the Fireplace - July 2016

Success social media concept: arrows hitting the center of target, Red Community on wall background, 3d render

Cultivating Sunday Morning Church Guests through Community Recognition

by Kathy Copas
Coordinator of Communication and Evangelism

Last month, I covered a lot of simple ideas for getting newcomers in to your parish on Sunday mornings.  All of these ideas centered around the basic concept of nourishing recognition in your community.

To build on those ideas, here are just a few more that can deepen parish-community connection and get more people into your buildings on Sundays and at other times during the week.

Consider offering a form of community-oriented Mission Minutes during your Sunday announcement time. Get out the calendar and look at all of your Sundays for a designated period of time. Advent or Lent may be an excellent time for you to experiment with the success of this.  Identify and invite one community organization or project in per Sunday.  Think broadly----everything from an animal rescue to a service group like the Elks or Rotary Club to a local food pantry.  Offer these organizations three minutes during church announcement time to inform your congregation about what they do, who they serve, and how it impacts the life of your community.  Encourage them to bring multiple members of their organization and visuals demonstrating their work. Invite the groups to stay after church with a table of information during coffee hour time. Think of the possibilities of welcoming all of those who came to present, most of them likely setting foot in your church for the very first time.

Even in a very small community, if you consider social service organizations, school and college groups, ecumenical partners, and offices and organizations related to local government, you can find an endless supply of groups to highlight. These invitations can bring a different group of newcomers into your church each week and also inspire your congregants to look beyond their own walls, learn, and explore your community's needs much more intentionally. New, life-giving ministry may emerge from some of these presentations and connections.

Also consider asking community leaders and groups to teach and share skills in your parish. Most people love sharing what they are passionate about and inviting engagement.  Again, you could actually construct a series of two-minute teach and learn experiences during announcement time.  Examples---how to write a letter to your Congressional representatives on an important issue, how to prepare end-of-life directives, how to screen caregivers for family members, how to most effectively direct your personal gifts for the community's homeless. These quick teaching/learning efforts again mean more new people experiencing worship and your church and getting to know people in your parish.  This can create a lot of synergy all-around!

It always amazes me how many parishes say they can no longer offer adult church school because no one will prepare and lead it each Sunday. The answer?  Focus on community needs and issues. Tap into your community resources for longer teaching experiences, as well as quick bits during announcement time. Then, all you need is someone to introduce your guest/s, monitor time, and thank them.

Picking up on the idea of teaching and learning via community programs and leaders, you may also want to try getting this concept out of the realm of Sunday mornings and develop a weekly/weekday experience where both parishioners and community residents can gather for a social and learning time led by someone in the community. Such experiences could also end with prayers and social time in the parish hall or at a nearby restaurant. How might people in your small community view your parish hall if you renamed it the St. Swithen's Community Center or Community Learning Center?  More food for thought!

More ideas next month.... So, what are you trying now that is already working in your parish?  Tell us here.

Until next time,


Around the Diocese


Photos shared on social media recently.

All Saints, Indianapolis, held a fantastic yard sale benefiting both Dayspring Center and a Syrian refugee family the parish is helping to resettle through Exodus Refugee Ministries.


Trinity, Indianapolis, held a joyous celebration welcoming the Rev. Julia Whitworth as their new Rector.


Trinity, Bloomington, has a group of pilgrims walking the 62-mile trek known as Cuthbert’s Way in Scotland and England. They began July 17 and will end on July 22. Find their blog at trinitypilgrimage2016.wordpress.com.


Parishoners at Good Shepherd, West Lafayette, lobbied Representative Todd Rokita, hoping to convince him to offer more food assistance for children who are poor.


Parishioners from Trinity, Lawrenceburg, say "hello!"


St. John's, Lafayette, kids were among many who enjoyed summer camp fun at Waycross.


Historic Christ Church Madison has experienced some problems with very old brickwork and is now undergoing some repair and renewal of its building exterior.



St. John's, Speedway, is proclaiming its engagement with the Speedway community through this colorful banner. Want one for your parish? Contact KathyCopas@aol.com to talk about a signage grant and help proclaiming your parish's commitment to serving others.


The light from their large stained glass window illuminated the floor at St. John's, Crawfordsville.


At Joyful Noise, the cathedral's annual music day camp, kids had the opportunity to climb up to the bell tower and try their hand at change ringing.


St. Andrew's, Greencastle, is a Pokemon Go! Gym and, at a Saturday meet up, players are being treated to Kool-Aid, cookies, and power strips for phone charging.


St. Paul's, Indianapolis, traveled to a summer fellowship event at the American Legion.


The city of Jeffersonville had its first-ever Pride festival and St. Paul's, Jeffersonville, staffed and a booth and participated in the Pride parade. St. Paul's, New Albany, also sent over a group to make an Episcopal presence well-known.


St. Stephen's, Terre Haute, just hosted Nuns on the Bus as the group prepared to travel to the national political conventions and other cities around the country promoting economic justice issues.


St. Paul's, New Albany, is hosting Holy Hikes---an experience of Holy Eucharist and a trek through a popular local hiking spot.


St. Stephen's, New Harmony, recently celebrated the installation of the Rev. Dr. Beth Macke as their new clergy, on the occasion of Bishop Cate's last pastoral visit to New Hamony. 


Youth from Holy Family, Fishers, recently visited St. David's, Bean Blossom, and gave that parish a hand with its community Mother's Cupboard ministry.


Good Samaritan, Brownsburg, just collected 11,500 pencils for Brownsburg area students. Wow!


St. Alban's, Indianapolis, just celebrated the arrival of their new clergy, the Rev. Debbie Dehler.


St. Timothy's, Indianapolis, recently celebrated Godly Play curriculum during Sunday worship.


Parish Focus: St. Alban's, Indianapolis

St. Alban's Peace Garden


Have you driven past St. Alban’s at Emerson and 46th Avenue North in Indianapolis and wondered, “What’s growing there?”

Our Peace Garden is growing here!

Through a UTO grant, lots of volunteers, other financial donations, good rain & sunny days, and with the help of our gardener, Tate, the Peace Garden is growing fast and the harvest is abundant.

So far this growing season, St. Alban’s and the Peace Garden have donated over 1000 pounds of produce to area food banks. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the number of white crosses also planted in the garden, representing homicides in Indy, is also growing. The garden is an Easter symbol, where people can see that there is life after death, that there is hope in the world, even in the midst of violence and death.

Volunteers are always welcome to help weed, plant, harvest and deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Here is a list of places where our fresh produce is being received:

• Mt. Zion Apostolic Church, 4900 E. 38th St.

• The Cupboard of Lawrence Township, 7101 Pendleton Pike

• Marion County Public Library, 5420 E. 38th St.

• Fervent Prayer Church, 10512 E. 38th St.

• The Sharing Place, 6501 Sunnyside Drive

The week of July 4, 400 pounds of produce were donated; including our first tomatoes, beets, onions, 100 pounds of green cabbage, red cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and of course, lots of lettuce! As of July 7, we have donated 890 pounds of produce (11,344 servings) through the efforts of 36 different helpers working 279 volunteer hours.

The Rev. Debbie Dehler

St. Alban's Episcopal Church
www.nourishmentforthejourney.blogspot.com www.st-albans.org

More Photos on Indydio.org.

For Fun and Inspiration


Events & Calendar

August 6: Commision on Ministry Information Day

- 11 a.m.-3 p.m.St. Paul’s, Indianapolis

August 25: Planning for Tomorrow

For lay staff plus spouse/partner

St. Paul’s, Indy

August 26-27: Planning for Tomorrow

For clergy plus spouse/partner

Westin downtown Indy

September 8: Fall Ember Day

- St. Timothy's, time TBA

September 13-30: Window for pre-convention deanery meetings

September 15-17: Fresh Start Retreat
- Greencastle


September 17: Executive Council

- Waycross

September 22: Celebration of The Rev. Debbie Dehler's New Ministry

- St. Alban's, Indianapolis, 7 p.m.

September 30-October 2: Episcopal Women's Ministries Retreat: Festival of Prayer

- Waycross

For more events, complete details, or updates, see indydio.org/events/list/.



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