May 2016

EFHN - Ingathering Pentecost Sunday 


Episcopal Fund for Human Need


Are you ready for the Episcopal Fund for Human Need campaign? The EFHN provides a critical lifeline for ministries and organizations throughout the diocese meeting basic emergency human needs. Your donations help our diocese provide gifts for almost three-dozen  critical human needs agencies throughout the lower two-thirds of Indiana. 

Ingathering May 15

Pentecost Sunday, May 15,  is our designated day. Is the May 15 ingathering  inconvenient for you or your parish?  The Episcopal Fund for Human Need accepts your gifts year-round.

Additional help and information are available on the diocesan website including:

• More about the EFHN

• List of last year's recipients

• Downloadable News Blips are available now for use in this year's EFHN campaign. Click here to download

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Ways to Give

• Mailing a check to the diocesan office at 1100 W. 42nd Street Indianapolis IN 46206. Make the check payable to the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis and write EFHN in the memo field. 

• Online through our Unified Make a Gift/Donation Form

• NEW! Text GIVE” to (317) 316-3664  (see below for details)


Support EFHN This Spring with a Text

To securely make a gift to EFHN—

• Text GIVEto (317) 316-3664

• You will receive a text with a link, click on the link. This will open a secure app on your phone.

• Register with your personal information and a credit/debit card your first time.

• Change or confirm your gift amount.  The default is $25.00 but can be completed with any amount of donation.  

• Once you confirm the gift, you will receive a text and email confirmation.

Don’t forget to save the number in your phone.  You may participate multiple times between April 1 and May 31. The next time you make a gift, you only have to text GIVE from the same phone number.  You can always text EDIT to update your information and check the status of a gift.


Diocesan News

NEW DATE for Information Day! 

Have you considered exploring a call to ordained ministry?  The diocesan Commission on Ministry Information Day will be on August 6, 2016.  It all begins with a conversation with your parish clergy for more information.


See the Event Calendar for the most complete information.


Diocesan Convention October 27-29 

Electing Convention

Location: Sheraton Downtown Indy

Hosting: Christ Church Cathedral

Preliminary Schedule 

Read more.


Budget Documents 2017


Items for the 2017 Budget are now available to download.


Read more.

News Briefs

Bishop Cate wrapped up her final Spring Confirmation as Bishop with all-diocese Confirmations at Christ Church Cathedral this month.


The diocesan Global Missions Commission has been at work planning a visit from Bishop Mauricio Andrade of the Diocese of Brasillia later this year. Watch this space for dates at a later time.

A delegation of clergy will also be in the Diocese of Brasilia this summer. The next meeting of the Global Missions Commission is Saturday, June 4, 10 a.m. to noon, at St. John's, Speedway.

For more information on the work of this group, contact the Rev. Jeff Bower at St. John's Speedway  ( 

The Episcopal Church

Presiding Bishop Joins Landmark Summit on Holy Land Peacemaking

Archbishop Suheil Dawani of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (center) introduces Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry (left) to His Beatitude Theophilus III, Patriarch of Jerusalem and All Palestine (right), as the Rev. Robert Edmunds, the Episcopal Church’s Middle East partnership officer, looks on.

[Episcopal News Service] Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry joined more than 100 church leaders from the Middle East and the United States at the Carter Center last month for an unprecedented summit focused on seeking a lasting two-state solution for peace in the Holy Land and ending Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land.

“We honor the land that witnessed to the life and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ affirming his call to justice, peacemaking and to the ministry of justice and reconciliation,” the leaders said in a statement at the conclusion of their April 19-20 summit at the Atlanta-based center founded by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn.

Curry described the event as an “unprecedented summit … to look at how we can be a force for good” for Israelis and Palestinians “to find a way forward and to help our governments find a way forward for a just and lasting peace for all of the people of the Holy Land.” 

Read More

You Are Invited



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This year's annual TENS (The Episcopal Network for Stewardship) conference will be in Pasadena, California at All Saints Episcopal Church, June 2-4.  There is limited financial assistance available to attend...the race goes to the swift! 

• Contact  John Oaks regarding assistance.

• For conference details, here is the website.

Around the Fireplace - May 2016


What To Do About Facebook

by Kathy Copas
Coordinator of Communication and Evangelism

The other day, someone in our diocese mentioned they were still having trouble in their parish getting some energy going around Facebook. They knew it was an excellent tool and that both parish regulars and others in their community and beyond were connecting with it. But, what types of things should they post?

I see a lot of parish Facebook sites each month as I troll for parish items to include here in The Gathered Community and beyond. Here are just a few things that I have noticed and some ideas that seem to have worked in different parishes. Hope this helps!

1. Post Anything---I see a significant amount of parish Facebook pages that haven't been updated for months or even more than a year. Posting anything is better than nothing at all. If nothing else, take a moment and go out and take a picture of the front of the church on a beautiful spring day. Take a quick shot of anything in your midst that implies life and vitality. It may as simple as someone who comes in to volunteer in the church office or is sorting food in your food pantry. And, if you can't manage to take a pic or video, just announce an upcoming church event. Better still, use a free stock photo (make sure it is free by checking with your stock photo site!) or consider creating a Meme. There are a lot of free and easy to learn Meme generator apps these days for both Android and iPhone. Just Google "Free Meme Generators" and pick your favorite!

2. Put Someone in Charge of It---All Saints, Indianapolis,is forming a social media team just to work at that task. It really helps to have social media not be just one more duty the rector or church secretary is expected to do. Someone (or some people) in your parish probably loves social media. Empower them to help your parish.

3. Invite Your Whole Parish Into It---If you're having trouble generating enough content to support a Page, add an open Group where anyone in your parish can post. As long as you moderate them to take down the mischief makers from the spam community, Facebook Groups can have more conversation and participation than an official Facebook Page. There's nothing wrong with having both.

4. Create Times in Your Parish When Social Media Posting is Actively Encouraged---A good time is announcement time. Actively invite those in your parish to get out their phones and check in via Facebook or post pics of some of their friends/family or even some beautiful church scenes in your midst. And, don't forget video. The Offertory anthem is likely coming up. You could share a bit of your wonderful music with those who view your page. Don't forget coffee hour, church school, or your mission/outreach projects as other great places to get photos (even if they are selfies!) demonstrating the vitality of your parish. You can also do a parish photo or video call-out by posing a question or challenge, as in---Show us your favorite part of the Sunday morning experience. And you can invite interaction by posing a picture of an obscure part of your building or grounds and seeing who can identify it.

5. Remember to Actively Cross Post---I've noticed that some clergy or laity (just because I happen to have them on my Friends list) post spectacular photos on their own personal page of great happenings at their church. But, they don't cross-post those same pics with their parish's Page or Group. It only takes a moment to share or re-post. There is one parish in particular that does an amazing job posting great pics on Instagram. But, if you then look at their Facebook page or even their website, no pictures are to be found.

6. If You Haven't Experimented with a Facebook Push, Consider Giving It a Try---Example: You have a beautiful image and a compelling invitation to Pentecost and your parish picnic on your Facebook Page. For even as little as under 25 dollars, you can boost that post to the Facebook feeds of others in your surrounding area. Some parishes have had real success at promoting their events via this tool. Recently, I did a boost for a friend who was running for political office, picking small communities in his county. Within three days, close to 10,000 nearby people had viewed his post, with over 350 sharing it with their own followers and many hundreds clicking through to engage the website or seek more information. That one strategy resulted in close to a hundred persons attending an upcoming event. It can be a powerful but very inexpensive tool. And, Facebook makes it easy for Page administrators to use.

7. Remember #episcopalIN---When you put #episcopalIN at the beginning of your pictures, videos, blogs, podcasts, or posts of all kinds, it collects to an aggregator site and is seen well beyond our parishes and diocese, including to The Episcopal Church churchwide offices. If you want to get exposure for your photo or project, prefacing it with that hashtag is a great way to do it.

What are some of the social media ideas that have worked best in your parish? Hit us up at #episcopalIN or here at

Until next month,


Around the Diocese


Photos shared on Facebook this past month.

 Christ Church Cathedral had a fun time at their annual talent showcase.


St. Paul's, New Albany, processed to the nearby Urban Fusion Community Garden for a blessing on Rogation Day.


St. John's, Lafayette, just celebrated the 10th anniversary of the ordination of the Rev. Hilary Cooke to the priesthood.


Christ Church Madison was well-represented at the recent Southeast Deanery Confirmation.


St. Paul's, Jeffersonville, continues the major installation of a pipe organ.


St. Augustine's, Danville, looked beautiful for the spring wedding of Pam and Brian Elmore.


Got apiary?! St. Peter's, Lebanon, continues its honey of a (sorry!) beekeeping ministry.


St. John's, Speedway, has continued its remarkable work with the Sweet Dreams project, providing mattresses for children who don't have beds. Since 2014, they have now exceeded 500 donated mattresses.


This fine group from St. Luke's, Shelbyville, had a great time at Pathways to Vitality at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.


A beautiful Baptism of three Hougland brothers at All Saints, Indianapolis.


St. Stephen's, Terre Haute, held a Mother's Day brunch.


St. David's, Bean Blossom, participated in the Brown County Spring Blossom parade.


Retired diocessn clergy gathered with Bishop Cate for an Ascension Day luncheon at Trinity, indianapolis.


Congratulations to the Rev. Mary Bargiel, newest priest ordained in the diocese.


Trinity, Indianapolis, recently held their Senior Spring Luncheon.

Good Shepherd, West Lafayette at Purdue University, opened its space for studying, eating, and sleeping during Finals Week.

Some Spring beauty at Trinity, Lawrenceburg.


Trinity, Bloomington, just held their Spring Fling family picnic.

Good Samaritan, Brownsburg (#churchwithoutwalls) always works hard and has fun.  Recently it was a painting and pizza party.

St. Thomas, Franklin, makes a proud statement of inclusion!


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May 15: EFHN Ingathering Sunday

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August 6: Commision on Ministry Information Day

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August 25: Planning for Tomorrow

• For lay staff plus spouse/partner

• St. Paul’s, Indy

August 26-27: Planning for Tomorrow

• For clergy plus spouse/partner

• Westin downtown Indy

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